Hello again.

I’ve been missing. Like, put out an APB/call a search party/face on a bottle of wine (because my friends don’t drink milk—and yes that was a meme) missing. From the blogosphere that is. 

So, I’m back!

My life has taken so many twists and turns since my last post (getting married, making two people, starting a new job) that I’ve neglected my first true love—writing (because one-sided conversations with my computer are always awesome and completely speak to my sanity).

I promise to take a regular break from diaper changes, dump trucks, crazy bosses and an awesome spouse to regale you with stories as seen from Crazytown  my point of view! 

Blogosphere—oh, how I’ve missed you! 

I’m actually a superhero. Like, really.

Sometimes I stare at my kids and am amazed that they used to live in my belly. Like, I made actual people (thanks for the assist, husband). I remember carrying and birthing them and now they’re all running around yelling, chewing on stuff and thinking they’re superhero dinosaurs. It’s pretty darn awesome. So, I’m convinced I have an awesome super power (making little people in my belly who also are extremely beautiful) which is confirmed by my little lady, Kylee, who calls me Super Mom (because, duh? Also, because I grow kids in my belly and my heart). Swoon.

Game day!! HTTR!!!

Game day!! HTTR!!!

Nightmare on Blaine St.

Nightmare on Blaine St.


I wrote this song in 94 - 2Pac

“Run up in yo spot like CJ from San Andreas”

This was HILARIOUS!!!

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Cool Pix Wednesdays…..in honor of my Alma Mater on this 125th founder’s day #FAMU1887

Cool Pix Wednesdays…..in honor of my Alma Mater on this 125th founder’s day #FAMU1887

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Billy Blanks, Jr. is the TRUTH!!!

"1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and
Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this.”

- Kanye West, New Work Out Plan

I’ve realized recently that I need to work out. In my old age (OK, not that old), I fear that my diet of donuts and cookies for breakfast might be catching up with me. Who knew it was so hard to stay slim after having a baby?

I was going through my clothes, as I do every year when the seasons change, trying to figure out what still fits, what doesn’t fit and would I would never be caught dead in again. I came across this pair of pants that have always been HUGE on me and decided to try them on for fun.

Bad idea.

They freaking fit me!!!!

W. T. F!

So, of course I’m freaking out trying to calculate the last time I ate (because obviously I was bloated or something) and proceeded to suck my stomach in as far as it could go to at least make my pants a little loose. After I was resuscitated from passing out due to lack of oxygen to the brain, I realized it was time to shed the fat.

Now, in the past, I was a slave to Richard Simmons (don’t you even think about judging me) but I figured it was time to upgrade to something new and improved—and then I found the holy grail of dancercise DVDs—BILLY BLANKS, JR. PRESENTS CARDIOKE!!!!

You guy really need to try this. It’s ten types of awesome!!

So, I’m in the living room dancing and singing and my dog is looking at me like I’ve lost it. Pretty sure that this work out was going to be easy peasy—until I died. Twice.

Seriously, Rhonda? You can’t pop lock without passing out?

It was then I realized that “this Billy Blanks, Jr. guy is really TRYING TO KILL ME!!”

It’s like he’s dancing around touching pressure points and shutting whole bodies down (yeah, I like Kevin Hart).

Well, anyway, it’ been about 3 weeks now and after initial shock of not feeling my body for the first couple of days, I’ve lost a couple ponds and a few inches off of my waist. I guess you can say it was worth it. Moral of the story: Change your life and get a Billy Blanks, Jr. DVD. You might want to make sure you get right with Jesus first, a couple of people didn’t make it through the first workout.

Now excuse me while I shimmy off the fat.


 Edvard Munch would be proud


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Throwback Thursdays!!

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Cool Pix Wednesday!!!!
It’s been a long time,
I shouldn’t have left you
without a dop post to read through!!

Cool Pix Wednesday!!!!

It’s been a long time,

I shouldn’t have left you

without a dop post to read through!!

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